About Us

We are a farming family with experience in growing plug plants for professional growers across the UK. Our range includes all popular staples like cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprout, various varieties of cabbage, onions, lettuce, leeks and many more.

We use commercial seed varieties and fine compost to cultivate our plants as the horticultural industry demands.

Having grown millions of plants for our commercial customers, Root Source is now making our quality plug plants available to ‘Grow your Own’ enthusiasts across the UK.

Set against the current back drop of environmental issues, from global warming to greenhouse gas emissions, what better way to do your bit than using a portion of your garden to grow your favourite vegetables, salad ingredients and fruit yourself – with zero delivery miles and that superb home-grown taste.

Supermarket produce has sometimes travelled a long distance – often from abroad - before it appears on the shelves, and as food security is increasingly being discussed across the globe, learning to grow your own produce is not only a wise choice and environmentally sound choice, it’s highly enjoyable too! If you’re a novice, why not start with something easy to grow – like onions and brassicas – whilst keeping an eye on growing more exotic varieties in the future.

Happy growing,

Root Source Team